Saturday, July 24, 2010

photo graphs

photos! harvesting garlic,

working in the garden

the lovely ladies helping me clean beans for canning

our blueberry jam- we weren't quite sure it would turn out- but it did!

a lovely meal I made of grilled veggies, a salad with roasted beets and blue cheese, reduced balsamic vinegar couscous and baked chicken (austin made the chicken)

goodbye erin and rob night, girl's photo

I'm bringing blogging back

whew! it's been a good month since I last posted.
I made trips to Minneapolis and St. Louis for weddings of dear friends.
the garden is getting huge!!!
I have cucumbers (boothby blondie)
my cantalopes are getting to be tennis ball size
tomatoes are getting big, cherry tomatoes are already ripe
yesterday I had my first beans!
peas are growing wildly
I harvested a total of 89 pounds of garlic
onions are big
kale is running wild and taking over everything!!!

we have two amazing new interns (though erin and rob are missed and have a special place in my heart)
we have been canning a bit!
blueberry jam!
and tonight pressure canning greenbeans from the farm across the road.. yum!

and now for some photos!
(a lovely lazy breakfast a few weeks ago- eggs from our chickens and veggies from the garden)
( 2 photos of the large picnic blanket and utensil wrap I made for Jen and Louis!- wedding presents! )