Thursday, August 26, 2010


music party, lee winning, breakfast pizza before and after, and some cute people shots.

how is it the end of August? seems like just yesterday....

It was brought to my attention that I have very poor blog attendance lately, and at the rate I'm going there will be no posts in September, and -2 posts in October, so this is my attempt to change that.

garden news: harvested my first cantaloupe today!!! typical weekly harvests include
cherry tomatoes
huge, beautiful heirloom tomatoes
yellow squash
swiss chard
a few peas
some fennel
and a ton of herbs

I've been working with the farmer across the street to make more of an official relationship between the Kitchen Garden Intern and her farm- we are working on having the Intern work a few hours a week over there to have a gardening mentor, and really see how a farm runs- super exciting.

also working on drying herbs, too humid outside though, so testing a few different inside spots...

it's been busy times in the kitchen: last week was the graduation for our 3 month long natural building Intensive- they did such a great job on the house they built, amazing(check it out)!

had two amazing friends visit, thanks Lee and Jenny for bringing such fun and good energy to YM.
in my next post: photos Jenny took of our adventures, and some start to finish shots of my morning making breakfast pizza

Monday, August 2, 2010

everything changes so quickly...

I found out today that a friend and amazing St. Louis musician died in a car accident this afternoon... holding Dave, the fattback family and all the family and crew in my heart. so, so sad.
I'm a little out of sorts.
finished hanging all the garlic today
harvested 5 pounds of onions
and 6 pounds of kale- froze it all.. .
we decided the best way to preserve things for the kitchen is dehydrating, so we are working on getting a really great dehydrator...
3 more cucumbers today
and harvested the first 3 yellow squash! eep!!!!
lots of evening thunder storms...a big one tonight...

and some photos of all the little (and big) plants in the garden...the carrots are still small, big around but short and stumpy- tasty though. there are a few lovely purple tomatillos and the onions are big. the yellow squash is multiplying like rabbits, the new basil growing in to a colony and the late planted zucchini on its way!

the sunflowers are a super nice addition to the garden- always a friendly face in the garden...