Friday, July 22, 2011

the difference between the sprout and the bean

It's a hot one here in Vermont. I am dealing with it by sitting in front of the fan, drinking iced coffee (and lots of water) and sewing. New bib and matching burp cloth/ baby rag that has a little loop on the back to hang it up with. I like them and I hope you do too.

stay cool (and hydrated) out there friends.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

summer in the city...


Top: ginger walnut coconut carrot cake with sunflower coconut cream cheese frosting. A surprise (shh!) for a friend's birthday tomorrow- complete with carrots from her farm.

Bottom: a few of the bibs I've been working on. This is the first round using terrycloth for the fabric on the back, just to make them more absorbent. I'm pretty happy with how they are turning out.

That title is a slight lie. It's summer in a small town actually, but still the people, muggy air, veggies.. and rivers and mountains. I've been trying to get out to new bodies of water around where I live. Last summer I was 30 min. south and it's a totally different set of river spots and lakes. Recently a friend showed me a spot that getting to involved going past huge sand piles and through a bamboo forest...really, a bamboo forest! in Vermont! I had no idea. Other than that just enjoying the rooftop garden I've made (already 2 little tomatoes, not bad for starting late!) and cranking out art.

I am gearing up to table at Rhino Fest in early August, then eventually get things up on the etsy site; baby steps for now.