Friday, December 16, 2011

Thanks (November)

Art show in Hometown, USA

Hi. It's been a while. Below, find some stories and photos of the time in between the last set of stories and photos.
I was fortunate enough to spend thanksgiving holiday with a whole lot of my family, friends and new babies I hadn't met yet. There were many wonderful parts of the trip but the highlights included my parents hosting an art show for my brother and I, and a really amazing dinner. I know, of course it breaks down to art and food. My brother makes really beautiful silver jewelery, so the house was taken over with silver, stones, puppets, bibs, wood and leather earrings, and many many people from different times in my life. It was the most fun I have had selling my work.
Show in Burlington, VT with the woodworking wares of LB

The dinner. My folks have great gardens and planted a fall garden this year. In late November they still had red tomatoes on the window sill, broccoli still sprouting, Swiss chard, herbs, spinach, and some veggies I can't even recall. One night on a whim mom and I decided to make homemade pumpkin and ricotta ravioli with a side of a fresh mozzarella and tomato salad featuring tomatoes and basil from the garden... in November. It was so tasty, we even made a sweet ricotta ravioli as dessert.