Monday, February 14, 2011

plaster the city in hearts! ( a story in photos)

Happy Valentine's day!!! As you well know, I really love hearts, and pink and glitter etc. Most of the time this makes me feel like a 10 year old girl, but I hold fast to the belief that it is impossible to be in a room covered in hearts and not smile.I love this day, because it's perfectly acceptable by society to tell people how much you love them, and cover cards, people and storefronts in pink and hearts. Even if they are silly images of cliche love, they still have some visual power. Apparently there are people in Montpelier who agree with me. Since 2002 the 'heart bandit' has covered the streets of mont p. with hearts. I have been smiling all day as I pass hearts in windows and on street signs and see people stop to grab a heart and take it with them. check out the facebook fan page! Below are photos I took of the town today! Wishing everyone a day full of people they care about, and genuine love. xoxox L. heart

happy heart day friends!!!

Some of my Valentine's this year

Langdon Street, the cafe I work at (covered in hearts)
cute art on the bridge

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