Thursday, October 21, 2010

Butterworks farm

photos: long shots of the buildings, haylage (think fermented hay-like sauekraut for animals. It is bailed while still damp, so it makes it a lot easier for farmers in this weather to bail hay. ) Windmill, Jack in front of his buckwheat field, the solar barn a hoop house filled with hay that the cows live in during the winter- this way they are out of the elements but get full sunshine- the door to the milk storage room, and stairs up to the yogurt processing room)
Yesterday we found our way up north and east to Butterworks Farm. If you aren't familiar with it, Butterworks has been making tasty yogurt Since 1979- they started with just a few cows and sold their yogurt in glass mason jars to their neighbors. I highly recommend checking out their website (well deigned, super interactive) and getting yourself to the market as soon as you can to pick up a quart of their maple yogurt- you won't regret it. After visiting the farm, I have so much respect for the work they do, and the whole operation- though they make tons of yogurt, grains, and flours It still feels like a family, homestead farm, and it is still family run. They have the most beautiful Jersey cows, a windmill, new barns and grain elevators, and really exciting grain crops. Jack grows buckwheat, wheat milled into flour, cornmeal, flax for flax oil and sunflowers that they make in to sunflower oil. If you ever have the chance to visit, or go their to pick up your yogurt, or to hear Jack speak- do it. on to the photos! enjoy!

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