Thursday, October 21, 2010

Farm Design- green mountain girls

photos: turkey friends and pig friend at GMG
Living Machine (filters all of the water used in the greenhouse through plants eg. uses plants rather than chemicals to treat water) and view of the GMG farm, with the new hoop house all the way on the right)
hola! Lylee in class here- I'm in a farm design class right now, which is pretty much just what it sounds like. We are visiting farms around Vermont, and spending the rest of the time in the studio working on our own farm design projects. So far we have been to a whole bunch of amazing farms. Monday we visited Green Mountain Girls' farm in central Vermont. They are wonderful folk and offer a year round CSA share complete with meat, goat milk, veggies and canned goods. We spent a few hours visiting all the animals and even got to help raise a green house. They had toiled for about 300 hours getting a second hoop house planned and built, and we got to help with the final, heroic feat of shimmying the plastic up on to the hoop house.
so awesome!

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