Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello 2011 (and hello friends!)

It's been a busy few weeks!
Between the scramble of holidays and the chaos of moving my life and starting it over in a new location I am pretty tired, but really excited to have a fresh start in the new year. My 'resolution' for the new year is to have more fun and worry less. In that spirit I have decided to keep writing the blog, and make it wittier, have more photos, and more stories.

After two days of moving, cleaning, and unpacking and with the help of two amazing friends, and my partner in crime, Lindley, we are more or less in the house. I sit in a pile of boxes and scattered clothing, as the only furniture we have includes: a bed, a bench I made, a half finished end table, and a nightstand. Appropriate to who I am, the house is in shambles, but the bedroom and kitchen are both put together.

I spent today doing adult like things (switching over the propane, changing my mailing address, calling the plumber to fix our toilet, fun.) I took a break to duck in to the cafe I will soon be working at and ran in to two friends, and saw a third in his car as I was walking across the street. It feels so nice to be in such a friendly city, and have connections here already.
I'm still working on all the photos of crafts I made for the holidays and will post them as soon as my life is back in order.

best wishes for health, happiness, and fun to you in 2011.

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