Sunday, June 27, 2010

Green mountain high, it's my home yo!

This week has been the yester week of music. Thursday a band with the best name ever: Manifest next to me- a local hip hop- esh band political and fantastic played a reunion show. so fun
Then last night an instructor played in a band he describes as "the funky side of rock." they did covers of Kanye West, ray Charles, and a song of their own that talked about how great Vermont is and included the title of this post- the singer had long hair, a tie-dye shirt, and a great voice.

there are peas on the pea vines! woot!

and- my class this weekend, rustic furniture, was amazing. below see the photos of my bench! hooray!!! (sorry about the funky colors- not sure what the camera was up to!)

tonight- pickling a portion of the 8 pounds of garlic scapes we harvested last week.

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