Tuesday, June 1, 2010

i live in paradise (and the stl crew came to visit me in it)

a few weekends ago dear friends came to visit. I love them lots, so I showed them that by taking them on adventures that tested wills and made us all tired and aching- hooray!
we climbed up sunset ridge- part of the long trail path that hooks up with the AT- beautiful sunsets... went hiking up camel's hump- the best view in all of Vermont... quite a long hike though- and all of it was up up up a mountain ( there was even snow we traversed at the top - the peak was a bit above 4,000 feet high) and then down down down...
to Burlington to catch the sunset and some food- they have huge swings along the boardwalk by Lake Champlain... best idea ever. lots of bonfires at the school, tasty breakfast at my favorite cafe in town, and ended the trip with a dip in the swimming hole across the road...
thanks for the visit, friends!

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