Saturday, March 12, 2011

birch bark earrings

In my last post I mentioned that I was starting to work on some birch bark earrings. Though I rarely follow through on blog promises I did this time! I'm really happy with the results, and excited to keep experimenting with different ways to treat the bark.

On the food front I've gotten pretty hooked on eating cream of rice for breakfast these days. I found it at a tiny Indian grocery store in Burlington and stocked up on so many goodies that are hard to come by in Vermont. In a rush to get off to work, I will often leave the leftover cream of rice in the pot. Yesterday I took the leftovers (8 hours later), all firmed up and cut them in to small rectangles. I fried them in a bit of oil with mustard seeds, garlic and onion. They were delicious, crispy amazingness. They reminded me a bit of polenta, or what I imagine Panisses to be. Panisses-Next on my food making list- are from Southern France. They are essentially chickpea flour that has been combined with water, allowed to set, then cut, dredged in flour, and gently fried- then eaten (I imagine) much like french fries.
I'm excited to try them out.


  1. When Anne and I were little and we lived in Washington, mom tells me that I would always steal the rice cereal (same as cream of rice/rice rava) she was trying to feed to Anne. Apparently I LOVED that stuff. Sometimes when my rice is going in the cooker, I'll get the perfect whiff of it, and the smell is the same and it takes me back to the few and vague memories I have of that time. Yum. Makes me want to eat baby rice cereal. What's stopping me?

  2. nice! I say you should go for it. I had totally forgotten it is a typical baby food- I grew up eating it, and cream of wheat too- I always liked the rice better though. On random breakfast topics- i also really like doing quinoa or quinoa flakes with almond butter, any dried fruit and nuts I happen to have on hand, milk (or fake milk) product and maple syrup. yum!

  3. I've tried to do quinoa porridges along those same lines before, but they never turn out as good/creamy as regular oatmeal. Maybe adding nut butter would do the trick - I've still not branched out from peanut butter, though. They're so expensive, and what if I don't like them?