Tuesday, March 29, 2011

sourdough and blue birds..

Prompted by an order a friend of mine put in for finger puppets, I spent the morning making a flock of blue birds. I really like these little guys (and gals) they turned out really cute. Made of old wool, saved from the dump by the re-store in barre, and a bit of felt made from recycled plastic bottles.

Another friend recently gave me some sourdough that he started from natural yeasts. Basically, he set flour and water in a container and waited for the natural yeasts in the air, and on our bodies to create the mix into a living organism. Pretty cool stuff, and much more satisfying than just opening up a package of dry active yeast. I've been feeding and mixing my starter and today made pancakes with the batter. I added the flour, water, sugar and salt last night, then it fermented more and became all bubbly, and in the morning was perfect for pancakes.

I used the recipe from Sandor Katz's epic book Wild Fermentation . I have so many cookbooks that I love and have used so much that the pages are worn with splotches of batter and notes penciled in to the sides. Choosing a favorite is a difficult task, but I have to say Wild Fermentation is rapidly becoming my favorite and the most useful, interestingly written book about food and cooking that I own. If you have never seen it, I really recommend picking up a copy- fermented foods are so good for us, and his book really explains the process of creating such food and makes it so easy to add these nutritional and tasty foods to your diet.

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