Friday, March 18, 2011

welcome home!!!

Yesterday was beautiful here! In the 50's, sunny, and of course the day I chose to do major house cleaning, organizing, and laundry. blarg. Anyway, Lindley got back in town and a welcome home dinner was in order.

The menu!
heart shaped (of course!) sweet potato ravioli with a basic cream sauce, garlic kissed broccoli, and maple glazed carrots. I decided to make ravioli for the first time. I used a basic recipe for the dough-just eggs and flour- and spent a lot of time rolling the dough to get it paper thin (no pasta roller here.) Everything turned out perfectly, and was so delicious.

sweet potato filling: sweet potato, cider vinegar, cinnamon, Parmesan cheese, garlic, onion, thyme
Finished meal!

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  1. aww, this makes me so happy! yay for comings home! i made homemade past not too long ago--louis loved it. i think it needed to be a bit thinner for my likings. and maybe would have tasted better if it were heart-shaped? :)