Thursday, May 27, 2010

foxes and tomatoes

well hello there... I haven't fallen off a mountain, or in to a river - just fallen off the blog bandwagon. a busy few weeks- friends in town from the east and west coasts, today two baby foxes and a mom were playing on the hill and we all stopped to watch them for a half hour... wonderful.
the garden is looking amazing...kale is huge, peas are looking good, 20 tomato plants in (60 more to plant- holy tomatoes!) and some even have green tomatoes on them already! onions and garlic are huge- radishes are looking good, and the greens, Swiss chard, basil, spinach and lettuce mixes are all growing. all week we have been working on some trellises for tomatoes and cucumbers- they are almost finished! here are photos of the main garden, all the beds i just mentioned, and the garden shed. we finished the trellises (it takes a long time to dig post holes and back fill them! who knew?) yesterday I cooked breakfast and lunch- I think breakfast tacos are becoming a weekly weekend tradition.
Today= holiday! frolicking in southern Vermont with friends, a trampoline and baby chickens!
more to come
happy weekend, friends!

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