Wednesday, May 5, 2010

wed nes day

since last I wrote I've been a busy bee.
after edible forest fun camp I had a weekend class: root cellar design.
the language was pretty intense, lots of talk of R values and vulcanizing ... half of it was way over my head, but really interesting. the problem with weekend classes is balancing the "how much do i want to take advantage of everything here and learn ________" vs. how much do i need a day off vs. working (/class)12 days in a row... so i was pretty exhausted on monday. I've gotten onions in the garden and lots of weeding. I picked up my seedlings from the greenhouse across the road and the purple basil i started is beautiful!!! lots of good dinners and breakfasts- nice to be back in the kitchen. and monday i went to an amazing tea workshop at a local herb school. I will post photos of class, food, and frolic soon!
till then

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