Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I heard he's a pretty fun guy....

woke up this morning- looked out the window, and found a thick blanket of snow.
it was beautiful.
finished the day, looked out the window, everything is green, snow totally melted, sun shining brightly.
the sun is a pretty amazing ball of fire and heat. goodness!
today was the day of MUSHROOMS!!!!
we inoculated straw with oyster mushrooms and inoculated logs with shiitakes.

so much fun. we also spent time working on our own designs. We ironed out some of the plans for the new forest garden here, with 7 fruit trees that need planting as the main focus. A fabulously fun day. Tonight includes Kalekopita (yum!) house meeting and a hella fun game of Bohnanza
the best german-style card game about beans, ever!

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