Monday, November 22, 2010

clean clean clean

hola! today was the official deep clean of the house we live in. We clean, but interns cycle through every 3 months, and people aren't really accountable to clean before they leave/ leave stuff so it's kind a relic to past interns. Today though, we did all the grimy deep cleaning. You know the kind: vacuuming cobwebs from tall rafters, moving the furniture and getting in to deep corners, cleaning out all the junk that has piled up, etc. In the afternoon we tackled some projects that were fixing things, improving, and weather proofing. In the kitchen there is a beautiful 30" tall cabinet that has just the bottom shelf, and nothing else- so it holds about 10 mugs and a ton of wasted space.
It's amazing to me how quickly you can build things when you happen to have the proper hardware, a beautiful shop, and wood at your finger tips. Lindley and I made 2 shelves to go in the cabinet, and even had the time to sand them, plane the edges and chisel in some hearts. They look beautiful, and are quite functional- the best of everything!!!
counting down the days to thanksgiving holiday and a little retreat to the woods. I know, i live in the woods, but these are even further, more lovely, and super remote woods.

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