Thursday, November 18, 2010

finished bench!!!

sorry about the bad lighting in the photos, but the bench is finished! The finishing took longer than building the bench, but I'm happy with it. I ended up using a slate blue finishing paint, which is water based and looks more like a stain, as it soaks in to the wood and shows the grain. I finished it with Linseed oil, as I write this I realize I just put water based paint under oil, but we'll see how that goes... uh oh.
breakfast and lunch shift tomorrow then down to Northampton, MA for some fun! yea for fun!!!

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  1. Beautiful! Your comment about linseed oil made me think of Kim Couch. He is currently taking apart/refinishing an old sled that was left when he bought his duplex 20 some years ago (and he's using linseed oil). :)