Tuesday, November 9, 2010

faith in baking

I wouldn't really consider myself a baker. I like baking, mostly muffins and cakes, but when I think about cooking and how I put things together, I don't following recipes and eyeball most of my measurements.
I feel with baking you have to be so much more precise. I was on breakfast this morning and something possessed me to make popovers of all things. I feel like popovers are one of those baked goods that just don't make sense and take total faith that when you open the oven you will see beautiful, fluffy popovers. It just seems so strange to fill tins with this slightly heavy custardy soup then open to fluffy air.
Today's popovers were made in muffin tins, in an oven that we don't have a thermometer for so we don't know the actual temp, so they were a bit heavy- but tasty.

For lunch I mad lentil soup and people loved it. I used some leftover red lentil Dal, added more red lentils and french lentils, and a ton of onions, carrots, paprika, turmeric, cumin, coriander, hint of soy sauce, more garlic, and some garam massala spice blend.

the few inches of sleet have finally melted and I can see the greensin the garden again. Friday it's suspose to be sunny and 50 out- like spring!!!

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  1. Caroline always made good popovers if I remember right?? Oh, how I miss SJW cooking!!!