Thursday, November 25, 2010

giving thanks

a nontraditional thanksgiving for me; filled with chosen family rather than traditional family, and sushi, miso soup and tempura, not turkey. house sitting out at a friend's place in the country. Quiet, beautiful, She built it piece by piece many years ago. After a morning of lounging and slowly making dinner we looked up and saw two horses in the yard, a brown pretty one and a Clydesdale just eating apples and grass. Lindley ended up making some rope harnesses and we walked them back up to the Neighbor's farm that they escaped from. It was great, I haven't been around horses in at least 10 years, and after a bit got over my initial nervousness.
Tonight, back in town for a sushi dinner with friends. Hope everyone is having a lovely time with good friends, family, food and fun!

some photos of recent projects for you!

1) napkins I made for a friend, for a wedding present.
2) a knitting needle holder I made for a friend, Mary Kate in exchange for some beautiful hand knit mittens that I should be getting in the mail soon! so exciting.

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