Monday, November 8, 2010


It came as a shock to me today, but it is officially winter here in Vermont. Today was one of those days where you just want to stay inside drinking hot cocoa and reading a good book. I had the day off so I kind of did that/ slept a lot, it was fantastic. Outside is a 'wintry mix' of sleet and snowish like stuff.
My little lettuce, spinach, and kale were under a good 1/2 inch of frozen sleet this morning, poor little things. I still hacked off some kale and made breakfast with it though. Breakfast these days has been a recent favorite of mine, introduced to me by Karie, former kitchen staff who is now frolicking off in warmer weather. It usually goes like this: rice, sauteed with some coconut oil and a tad of soy sauce. Sauteed onions to the point of caramelized, garlic, kale from the garden, portabella mushrooms, a bit more soy sauce. I layer them in a bowl, then toast a slice of bread and fry two eggs from our chickens, when they are perfect I lay them on top of the greens and it is the best breakfast ever.

The end of farm design was really fantastic. We visited a few more farms, and each presented our design projects to the class, some staff, and a few guests. overall I was really pleased with how my design/ design process turned out.

This weekend I took my first real building class here. Kind of odd to be at a design/build school and not know how to really build things for the first 10 months, but some times that's just the way the cookie crumbles. The class was power tools for women, and in two days we each made a really awesome little shaker style bench, with the seat of the bench opening to a little storage space. Here are some photos of it unfinished- I'm planning on finishing it with slate blue paint stain sort of product. It's colored like paint, but soaks in to the wood like a stain.

oh! on the photo of me with the bench, check out the heart rain boots I have on- I've been looking for the perfect pair of rain boots for over a year and found these at the local farm supply store. I love them!

enjoy the photos & stay warm, friends!


  1. I love you and your heart boots and that beautiful bench! I wish I had furniture-building skills. When I was little I'd take scrap pieces of wood and a hammer+nails from the garage...never amounted to much. :)

  2. thanks! it's amazing how easy it is when you have great teachers and a shop! the bench is just 6 pieces of pine.. we cut them with a cross cut saw, then ripped them on the table saw. I used a little jig saw for the cut out, router on the top (but that's not important) and a drill press to make the little cedar plugs... Wish YM was closer to you/ wish I was in Minnie! maybe a continuing ed woodshop class?
    and- i've seen your blog of furniture overhauls and upholstering - you have some mad skills lady!