Wednesday, November 10, 2010

a very long day

It is beautiful here! sunny and in the high 40's. Not quite the 73 it is over in St. Louis today- but I'm happy with it. My good morning muffins were beautiful this morning! Last night while I was prepping them I also got on my game and made rice and soaked beans for today's lunch. This morning I cooked off the beans, made the enchilada sauce, and was on my way when around 9:30 two guys came from the gas company and shut off my gas (so, no stove or oven) for 2 hours (they swore it would be an hour) so I couldn't cook anything else till 11:30. Other people in the school knew but failed to pass on the information/ don't remember to think much about the kitchen until they are hungry. It was simply a classic case of yester*miss communication, but I was livid I'm a little tired pants now, to be sure, but I managed to pull off the following:

Black bean, sweet potato, kale, and turkey Enchiladas with chipotle cheddar cheese and homemade roasted banana pepper enchilada sauce

cilantro, lime brown rice

Juan Louise's black beans. sauteed with onions and peppers and simmered in red wine for hours- delicious!

guacamole, salsa, sour cream, chips, beautiful green salad, chipotle croutons.

It all turned out to be delicious and people really enjoyed it/ appreciated it, so it was worth it.

photos to enjoy, sorry about the low quality- taken with the computer.



  1. I read the first paragraph and I HAD TO STOP! There is no way I can find ingredients to make something that delicious in Korea... I dream of the day I can eat your cooking again:)

  2. Well now I feel like I'm blog-stalking the two of you! Lylee, you are a food artist! Such beautiful creations. And I'm sad to admit that I think your computer-taken photos are better than my Canon, circa 2004. While you are writing about food, and Katie, holidays, I am blogging about lanterns. Awesome.