Sunday, April 18, 2010

back to being an intern

hi folks!
so my permaculture student days have officially come to an end.
the presentation of my site design for my parents' house went really well, and i got some good ideas for it. (I promise I'll scan those of to you soon mom and dad.)
I think a combination of running around in the rain barefoot, lack of sleep, long nights, and a bit of stress joined forces to make me sick. So I'm currently trying to nurse a cold, sleep a lot, and pull myself together for the buzy week ahead of me.

This morning was my first breakfast back cooking in the kitchen- smokey chipotle black beans, sauteed yellow squash, red pepper, spinach and tomato, scrambled eggs, salsa, and cheese on the side. We have a bunch of classes going on, so lots of people around and some favorites back for new classes. It's fun to get to the point where I already know people from earlier in the year and am excited to see them again.
tomorrow: waffles!

on other notes, I think it's finally gotten to be the time that our overly aggressive, and frankly mean rooster, Bill, will become chicken soup. Other folk offered to kill him, but I will be in charge of defeathering, taking out the organs and making the soup... a few weeks ago erin and rob brought home a dead pigeon and did the process to the lil bird, and i couldn't really handle it- it freaked me out a i'm not sure why i think i could handle doing that to bill- but I think it's my job too... working up the guts...

not much else new- once it drys off enough the garden will get spaded and beds shaped.. wish I could have gotten it done a bit earlier- but between class and the ground being really wet- there was no hope..

hope ya'll are well- send me some stop being sick thoughts!


  1. Feel better, Ly! I am sending you get well thoughts, and good luck with dressing the rooster. You can do it! So you never mentioned what happened to the pigeon. Did it become food? What is that called, squab?

  2. they found the pigeon already dead- so they didn't really want to eat it...erin preserved the wings and feet (only after i drew them both) and the skull, and they threw everything else away. kill bill will get postponed until this weekend when other interns are around to help me out. thanks for the love!