Tuesday, April 27, 2010

what is this cold white stuff falling from the sky?

oh, it's snow. SNOW!!!!!!
even though i've been following the forecast, I was not expecting snow today.
we left way too early in the morning to go to a nursery near plainfield- Nicko specializes in cold hearty nuts and fruits and it's a pretty amazing place. I was there during permaculture class, but this time we got to get down and dirty. In the rain we composted and mulched around a bunch of toddler age trees and got to watch two fruit trees be planted, and demonstrations of a few different kinds of grafting techniques. so exciting. At this point we were all soaking wet- then it started snowing... We got to see the site of the (now not in the space anymore) Institute for social ecology- a really cool place, make me sad I didn't get to see it in its hey day.

I called panicking from the car, an hour from the school, and my lovely co-interns covered my little greens bed, carrots, kale, and broccoli with fabric to keep it warm- hopefully it didn't get too cold.

amazing lectures today about specific edible perennials and about edible neighborhoods- and shifting the trees and plants in urban spaces to community edibles and multi functional plants... soo cool!
check out this video about the artist Fritz Haeg and his edible estates art project...
he takes lawns in a bunch of different climates around the world and shows how they can be transformed in to edible gardens and be community building...

final thought of the evening:
Lisa has a fabulous polyculture (three or more plants in the same bed) that she plants in a container garden (just throw it all together in a pot- vs, in the ground)
a "tea tree"
a lemon tree (they can live in VT, or MA or MO, just inside most of the year, in a sunny south facing spot)
and chamomile as the ground cover...

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