Thursday, April 22, 2010

hey diddle diddle...fiddleheads!
Fiddle head ferns (photo taken from the blog Elevated Southern )

highlights from the week:
Monday's oat, banana, raisin waffles were fantastic! Tuesday I made muffins and they were a hot mess. I used 2 new recipes, was a bit rushed, overfilled them intentionally trying to do the "high rise" method. You fill the tins to the top and then bake them and in theory they puff up really high and turn beautiful. In reality, the puff out a bit, don't cook all the way, and are crumbly and their tops fall off when you try to take them out of the was awful. Some turned out though, and they were decently tasty. Wednesday breakfast was a ramp (wild onion) fiddle head (more in a second) spinach, kale and sun dried tomato frittata....and it turned out wonderfully- sorry i forgot to take photos.

which brings me to Tuesday... I got to go foraging for fiddle heads. Heidi took me out to look for them, and I learned so much, and got so addicted to the whole process of looking for them ,and then seeing them and then suddenly getting the eyes and just seeing them everywhere... I wasn't familiar with them as an edible delicacy until I moved here. When the ferns just pop up out of the ground, before they unfurl, you snap them off, cook them twice, and people love them and pay tons of money for them in markets and such...referred to as wild asparagus they are pretty mild in flavor, but really tasty... A friend brought me some goose eggs that were given to her, so soon there shall be some scrambled goose eggs with ramps and fiddle heads.

on garden news...I have one- that has beds, and things growing in exciting!!!
A farmer down the road came up and spaded it (used the spading tool on the tractor) which naturally shaped beds, so I've planted my first secessions of lettuce, mustard greens and spinach...Today some work traders helped me prep a few more beds (ie. pull pile after pile after pile of rocks out) and build a trellis for the peas to climb up! so tomorrow I will get the peas, carrots, parsnips in- and the broccoli, cabbage and kale transplanted from the cold frame to the bed... hooray!

it's starting to really feel like spring- so many exciting people, plants, and opportunities...

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