Wednesday, April 7, 2010

someday i'll be a farmer to work with my hands

still so much fun. Today we walked the campus here and identified streams, springs, and water sources. found fiddleheads just wanting to grow big enough for us to eat, some good examples of silly architecture in the woods (a solar shower really far off in the woods made with lots of concrete and pressure treated lumber) some scarlet elf cup fungi... etc.

the past few days I've had the Melanie song "Someday I'll be a farmer" in my head- so I wanted to share it with you:

I've also been reciting to myself my favorite poems/ writings:
Let the trees be consulted before you take any action
every time you breathe in thank a tree
let tree roots crack parking lots at the world bank headquarters
let loggers be druids specially trained and rewarded
to sacrifice trees at auspicious times
let carpenters be master artisans
let lumber be treasured like gold
let chainsaws be played like saxophones
let soldiers on maneuvers plant trees
give police and criminals a shovel
and a thousand seedlings
let businessmen carry pocketfuls of acorns
let newlyweds honeymoon in the woods
walk don't drive
stop reading newspapers
stop writing poetry
squat under a tree and tell stories.
- John Wright

rain today! I love the smell of being in a forest in the rain.

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  1. thank you for posting that poem, these things should be remembered, and the fall I generally do carry a pocket full of acorns!