Monday, April 26, 2010

plants! plants! they are amazing piles of living goodness

so much information about perennials, planting, multiple functions and new ideas for 'gardens' are running around my head... they are moving at lightening speed- but I will harvest a few interesting nuggets of information that stuck with me today.
interesting plant facts:
willow- can be used to make living fences and for coppice. has a rooting hormone in its bark- used to make willow water to encourage rooting in other plants. is 'nature's aspirin' super medicinal
violets can tolerate full shade or full sun
seedlings take 8 years to bear fruit
paw paws need shade when they are first planted to get established
persimmons are a late season fruit AND are the most eaten fruit in the world
climbing spinach ( perennial, leafing edible vine, grows in shade, doesn't get bitter like other spinach family plants, in march produces 'asparagus like' edible shoots

I convinced the 2 teachers of this course to frolic to the garden with me and give me some of their wisdom- out of it came some good ideas about how to transition the annual garden in to some perennial crops, and some ideas for ground cover, plants to add color, etc. over all it helped me relax a bit more, and confirm that I am not doing a terrible job, and that I can make things grow. it will be ok.

really interesting folks in the class- so fun to hear people's stories and vast amounts of wisdom and experience...and music, so many instruments here right now.. i feel like it's just the beginning of the busy, crazy fun summer season here: the next 4 or so months will just fly bye, I feel.
working hard to stay in the present moment- and daily appreciate the amazingness I live in..

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