Sunday, April 25, 2010

Edible forest fun camp

quite the long week...
since i have written we lost a chicken- found her on the floor of the coop one morning (Wednesday morning, i think) with a broken neck- so sad... Friday it was finally time for bill to go (the overly aggressive rooster) .... fabulous intern folk killed him on a tree over the river and Erin and I de feathered... it was intense.. I attempted to gut him and take out the organs but after poking for a bit with a knife Jose had to 'clean up my mess' and took over for me.. That night we got to go hang out with a friend who is staying in the Dimetrodon- it was amazing.
(Due to me being exhausted, and a tad lazy I'm going to use these fabulous photos and writings from a former student here to tell you all about this glorious place)
"Now, Prickly Mountain. In the 60's, when land was cheap and building codes were non-existent in the area, a bunch of architects moved onto Prickly Mountain and built insane houses. Some were awesome, some failed. It was a place to experiment.This house, the Dimetrodon, was designed as it was being built. It was originally intended to be built with 12 (I think) individual living units, but only got up to 6 (I believe.) So, now there are 6 families living there. The living units are all fully equipped with bathrooms and kitchens, etc, but each one is entirely different. Some have five very small stories, and they cross over and intertwine with each other."
The unit we were in is the first one that was built, so it was a communal space of parties and fun as the crazy thing was being built- so it keeps going on and on..some exciting features included: a round bed, wooden tub and sinks that sort of hung over the main room in a lofted space, built in beds and nooks, and a tower with a sort of lofted space and a huge north facing window... when it was built the folks thought the best way to use sun power was to put pipes out on the south side to warm hot water- so originally none of the whole south side of the building had any windows.... crazy. an amazing place, indeed.

Saturday I finally got to eat at the most amazing local foods cafe in Montpelier, Kismet .the huevos ranceheros and wheat grass, apple and lemon juice were both amazing, and it was warm enough to eat outside.

today marked the start of Edible forest garden class- a week of hands on work learning about perennial forest gardens, how to prune and transplant and split perennials and graft and all kinds of exciting things! even though there is a lot of rain in the forecast (exciting for the garden! not as fun if it means us out and about wet and cold) it should be a blast- learning so much to help me garden here and in the future...
this tired pants is going to bed! night!

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