Monday, March 8, 2010

fires and puppies (not together, don't worry)

Friday night we got rid of a bunch of wood from the burn pile: tons of gasoline, 4 torches with rags soaked in gas, lighter, huge blaze, 1 small hole in my vest from ashes. Fire combined with Friday's beer thirty?! great idea.
Saturday was a quarterly board meeting, which we were invited to. Fascinating to get to sit in on. In the evening we went to the dinner- quite fun to meet some of the board and just get to see how people interact, learn the personalities and hear more history of the school. A lot of the folk have been friends for 30 years and it's fun to see them doing work but enjoying it too.

in the afternoon I started some seeds across the street and got to use a soil block maker! the coolest, most useful thing ever!!!! it gives you the opportunity to totally remove plastic seed trays from your gardening process.

Sunday breakfast- I made a strata with red pepper, onion, sun dried tomato, mozz, basil, mustard greens... turned out pretty well, not sure if i like bread baked in to my eggs though...

we took Erin's puppy to it's new home for the next few months. These folks live off a bunch of dirt roads in the woods, and it turns out that they lived in St. Louis for 30 years and all of their kids went to new city school! crazy small world!

Started making a skirt - jersey fabric in purple, (i'm actually making a pattern and using it and everything- trying to make my sewing a little more professional and a bit less 'throw it together style' )

breakfast today (sorry, no photos) easy cheese blintz puff- from Sundays at Moosewood. smoothies, Maine blueberries and Vermont maple syrup- Super tasty!

It's sad to see (most) people leave after they've been here a while. A rad wood working prof took off, back to NYC, and it was sad to see him leave- he told me he thinks I make a great kitchen/garden intern, and that was good to hear....

I have a Chinese Eggplant basil dish and other yummies in the works for tonight- i promise photos (maybe even some mango sticky rice!)

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