Thursday, March 11, 2010

the opposite of war isn't peace, it's creation

Yesterday was pretty rough. I think I'm more shaken up than the chickens are. In general I'm pretty frustrated that we lost the ladies to a dog, rather then to a natural 'wild' predator, and frustrated that the dog's people are trying to blame everything on us and not having chickens penned in. There are leash laws in the counties, but not chicken laws, and it was our property. A sticky situation, now I'm just worried about the rest of the flock and keeping them safe. I'm nervous about letting them out again- for now they are just in their run, and the coop.
Last night I coped by getting some local beer, and I made this cute little stuffed chicken out of a coworkers old sweater... it helped to create something to continue on the little chickens spirit and memory.... also made some sourdough poolish that I had been ignoring in to bread dough, and cracker dough... and we move on. slowly.

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