Monday, March 1, 2010

becoming a design/ build intern...

Yesterday I cooked breakfast (huevos rancheros, ish... black beans, a red sauce, salsa, and eggs cooked to order) and was gearing up for Lunch when Austin came in to take over for me, a pleasant surprise. I took off for the day, frolicking down (and when I say down, I mean down freaking winding mountain roads) to Rochester where my favorite bookstore/ cafe is. They have some of the best, made in house, bagels I have ever had. yum. after some chilaxing I went to a fabric store to stock up for some projects I have in mind. The store was inside of a Mall (the first I've been to in VT) and I passed a McDonald's on the way- it was weird, and not what I think of when I think of this fabulous state.
Today was a day off in the kitchen, so instead I worked all day with Serena to build shelves extending the conference room windowsills to hold seed trays for starting my exciting! these basic shelves took a solid 7 hours to make- that kind of blew my mind, but they are going to work so well. Fun to use the saws and drills. feast your eyes on these puppies! (oh and some scenic shots of the mountains, and two books I made- one out of a screen print I did just before I left Minneapolis, and the other out of a paper cut tree that I make 'photocopier prints' of)


  1. Thanks Stephanie! also both buzz and Jillian are letting me start plants in their greenhouses! so exciting. visiting buzz and vermont compost tomorrow and planting thursday morning!!!

  2. Wow!! Make sure you save some of that sewing and sawing energy for when I get home! Also, base wood shelves? I smell milk paint project!

  3. heck yeah! the shelves totally need some milk paint!!! home! i like your use of that word