Tuesday, March 16, 2010

so much. so sorry i've been a lazy blogger. don't fear though, just because i haven't posted doesn't mean that nothing is going on. Friday I helped Heidi make some sweet potato gnocchi. yum. I made some (failed) attempts ant sourdough bread and crackers. Turns out, I don't really like sourdough ( I knew this) but i really like keeping starter and feeding it, and the process- just not the taste. Friday night we went to a local bar for a local band playing three sets- one set was all Sublime covers- fantastic, quite a great place to be a people watcher (and to dance) played lots of pool and one game of big buck hunter- surprisingly, played both of them better than I ever have before.
Saturday we spent all day in Burlington- so fantastic. the boardwalk at lake Champlain has swings all along it- like 4 person porch swings- such a cool idea. (picture 1, looking out at the lake- picture 2, a typical 'family portrait' of the three of us)
Ran in to this fabulous industrialish building turned art spaces and cafes and saw the $5 cheap art show- some amazing prints (picture 3) and really beautiful tiny landscapes all made out of cardboard (picture 4)
The evening concluded in going to a Green Mountain Dames Roller Derby bout. More relaxed and family friendly than the girls in MSP- but really really fun. made me want to get a pair of skates...
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