Thursday, March 4, 2010

how long am I gonna have to wait for you seedlings...

A little nod to
Sharon Jones in the title- listened to that track at least 20 times yesterday, singing at the top of my lungs. yesterday was quite the day. I cooked breakfast (smoothies and lemon blueberry muffins) then we had an intern/staff meeting- fabulous but long, a good 2+ hours...
we started our fun at Vermont compost - an amazing place that is truly taking 'waste' and turning it in to this fabulously lush and nutrient potting soil, and compost. And the main workers in this whole business are chickens, 100's and 100's of chickens... such a cool place. We walked through all the piles at different stages, then got to watch them bag up our potting soil and throw it on our shoulders... perfect.
Finished up the afternoon by going over to the house of someone who teaches here. He is totally off the grid and built everything- and his daughter's middle name is heart! awesome! he helped me start tomato seeds, and is going to take care of them for me in his beautiful greenhouse... it's so refreshing- he has this relaxed loving personality and that radiates through both his home and his gardening style, he isn't too particular or calculated. My favorite was stories of eating a great tomato, spreading the seeds on a paper towel, letting them dry then just folding the towel, labeling and throwing it in to the box of seeds...
started my seeds today in community flats on my new shelves. onions, tomatoes, lettuce greens, kale, chard, for now.
more tomorrow!

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  1. Of course you met someone whose middle name is heart. Of course!