Monday, March 29, 2010

ye long awaited news

So it's been quite awhile... As is typical when I forget to write for a bit I can't really recall everything I have been doing, lots of cooking and tending to little seedlings, trying to figure out the garden plan and (of course) solutions to how to keep the chickens safe from predators...

Some highlights of last week included:
  • a staff/ intern fun day - with a great game called "bite the bag" where the staff made fun of me that I would go home and blog about it (Since the name of the school is on my blog, every time I write it shows up in their google search thing, so frequently people will comment on things I write. A little challenging since there is no privacy here any way (not like their is on the Internet either-I know...))
  • Dad turned 60! and I had to celebrate from a far...
  • I gathered my first bunch of worm castings (read- worm poop) from the worms and used them mixed with potting soil to transplant my tomatoes in to bigger pots... One does this by putting the worms on a tarp, waiting a bit and in theory they will dig down to the bottom of the pile and you sift the castings off the top. It's quite a bit more messy than that... but eventually I got castings and no worms..)
  • went for the best hike in our woods in the rain and found a nice nook in a hillside (rock?) to snuggle in to
  • 2 of my house mates found a dead pigeon and brought it home to take the wings apart, defeather it and take out all the bones... I couldn't watch any of the gruesome work, but I did spend a few hours drawing the wings and feet...
  • went to a co-workers house in the woods...beautiful timber framed house and chilaxed there all weekend. The rest of the interns came out and we all spent hours cooking and had a leisurely meal. I made a chocolate rum pudding cake (from vegan with a vengeance) for dessert... and the house had a center wood stove/ stone fire place that had an oven in it- so I made bread in a wood fired oven for the first time ever... it was AMAZING!!! and beautiful and tasty. A 6 grain french bread...
    • pictures that follow include: bread, a wicked awesome mushroomy hot an sour soup, breakfast (egg over rice with sauteed greens and mushrooms and avocado) amazing salad, etc.
    • some photos of my walk in the woods
    • and the dead pigeon that Erin and Rob brought home

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