Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sunday and now spring

Old bike at a store in Burlington.
Sunday lunch and dinner- Brown Rice, Chipotle black bean tostados, and a mango avocado salsa. it turned out really well! and a chocolate fondue party later on in the evening.
Today felt like I woke up out of a dream. It was 60 out, at least, and everyone was playing outside. I planted seeds, and transplanted tomatoes in the sun on a picnic table listening to a friend play guitar and harmonica. THe woodworking Intensive folk are making really beautiful green ladder back chairs, and they moved all their saw horses outside- so curly wood shavings all over the ground.
Lots of chicken plans going down. how to keep them safe but more contained.
quite the headache.
Late afternoon treat- sitting on our front porch in a sleveless top, with salt and vinegar potato chips, the best ginger brew ever (megan K-S, I thought of you so much) sunglasses, and a book on chickens. oh, and a friend is giving me her old sewing machine!!!! so I can still sew after the Machine in our house leaves in July....
happy springish, friends!!!!

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