Monday, March 22, 2010

Sunday and Monday

Saturday I went to the spring gathering at High Mowing Seeds- a fantastic local seed company that has all organic seeds and has people all over that grow seeds for them. I learned so much about the difference between growing plants for seeds vs. growing plants for eating- so different!
Went out to Thai food with a Minneapolis friend who became a Vermonter. Cooked Sunday breakfast- vegan biscuits and gravy. yum- think i need to work on a better biscuit recipe though... I use the baking powder biscuits from Vegan with a Vengeance and they were kind of rock like- but heart shaped rocks they were...
then a trip to Montpelier, with a bunch of stops for photography. I was with a friend and used her nice camera (Digital, but with lenses and dials) ah, I forgot how much fun photography is. We spent a lot of time at this beautiful cemetery with rolling hills, lots of stumps carved in to seats, statues, and so many beautiful trees. It's on the way in to the capital city, with the river do you right, and the whole cemetery goes up a rolling hill on the left. lovely.
Followed by some bowling and skee-ball.
Today was rainy, rainy and pretty cold. just a usual cooking breakfast and lunch sort of day... most exciting parts- a mixed tape in the mail from Allison- and it's the best mixed tape ever... I haven't gotten a tape in years... and a phone call from Jill... and a phone call from Mom tonight. I think the realization today is I'm much happier when I remember to talk to the people I love and stay connected to my non yestermorrow life, thus allowing me to feel like myself, and be able to be happy content and fully present here... working on it. reading lots of Thich Nhat Hahn.

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