Thursday, March 18, 2010

it's a beautiful day for a bicycle ride

ah springish. yesterday I made green eggs and ham for breakfast, to celebrate the holiday. Around 5 I tagged along on a bike ride with MK. My poor little body hasn't been on a bicycle in nearly 4 months! 4 months! So my first bike ride of the season, and first in Vermont was 4 miles- up an intensely steep road (airport road) that is usually a dirt road, but yesterday was a mud road. We bike/ walked up this beast and frolic to the co-op, then down paved brook road (runs along the brook) and back to the school- a good nine miles, and it took us around an hour, without the stops (i think) really, if you are thinking "hey, you know what would be fun? lets climb a couple 1,000 feet up a mountainish thing with bikes in the mud" i might advise against it. A fun adventure though. Finished off the evening with a huge plate of Seitan, potatoes, cabbage and carrots, a beer and some trashy TV (thank goodness for ANTM on the inter webs)

Today I finally got started on drafting the garden plan. eek! it's a lot of space. I think I will do 4' wide beds that are 15' long, with a 1.5' small walkway between each bed and a main 3' walkway down the main center cut throughs.... this means I will have aprox 40 beds! holy moly me oh my.
Also figured out some solutions for keeping chickens contained, safe from predators and still roaming- think it's going to be an electric fence, and maybe a little wing clipping if we have ones who like to fly the coop...

taking daily lunchtime walks across the road to the swimming hole. (clothing strongly discouraged- I love Vermont) laying on a big flat rock in the water- I feel like a seal /or Ariel from the little mermaid.
enough computers- I'm going for a walk!
hearts and seeds and spokes

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