Tuesday, March 2, 2010


ah Tuesday! breakfast = asparagus, ham, brie, red pepper, and zucchini omelets. It's so fun having a small class here and getting to cook in (almost) normal size portions. We had some bananas that were going so I made a raw pecan, walnut, date crusted pie with cashew banana cream and coconut butter chocolate... turned out well... I don't think I like the banana one as well as the raspberry ones I was making this summer, but it was nice to have a dessert (because we always do a dessert for lunch and dinner- rotating sugar/ fruit at every other) that wasn't sugar, wheat, dairy.exciting!
Tomorrow= trip to Mont P, picking up soil! starting seeds! busy garden rest of the week and I'm sooo! excited for it.

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  1. just now seeing this---will you share the recipe!? yum!