Thursday, February 18, 2010

adapting plans

two different farmers/ growers I was suppose to meet with today fell through and got pushed back, fine just reformulating what my day will look like. I started listening to WUMB- this fabulous folk station out of Boston that my dad told me about- and started going through notes when Sugar Magnolia came on- just what I needed this morning. I never was a huge Dead fan, but they are growing on me a lot.

today's amazing link-
check out the greenhorns
they are a land-based non profit serving young farmers across America. Doing super cool stuff- they sponsored the young farmer mixer at NOFA. a pretty interesting resource, and really trying to cultivate a new generation of young farmers/ kind of making farming this hip fun thing, I'm not sure how I feel about it. on one hand it makes sense to use the lexicon and technology of the day, and generation to excite young folk, but it also feels a bit like something you can buy at urban outfitters and just this hipster trend thing. That aspect bothers me a lot- like (side bar) I learned that Urban Outfitters sells a whole line of Holga cameras and accessories- cool that you can buy those and the parts still, but frustrating that it's turned in to this "cool, new, hip thing"

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