Tuesday, February 2, 2010

to Nerinx Hall goes the song that we sing

The pitcher inn with the shuffleboard was closed tonight so we ended up at the local folk, filled with local folk, pool tables, big buck hunter- it's the place to be in Waitsfield on a Tuesday night.
Some students from our woodworking intensive that just started showed up a bit later. I know a few of them, and some how the topic turned to St. Louis (doesn't it always?) and a woman in the class came over to the conversation and said that she use to live there. Turns out she went to the same small, Catholic highschool that I went to. Really, in the middle of Vermont I find someone who went to population 600 Nerinx Hall highschool. Crazy!!! She was a senior while I was a freshman so we actually know people in common too...
Even crazier (I know, "what could that be?" you ask) two other people at the school right now found out that other students went to their highschool and they didn't know each other.)
It is such a small, small world..

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