Monday, February 22, 2010

The city, a city, any city: city city city

Hum, can you tell I needed to get out of the Valley?

The weekend to New Haven was such a breath of fresh air. On top of seeing many dear friends- including a few that I didn't think I'd get to see- I got to eat amazing ethnic food in restaurants, generally relax and see people of every hue and shade and ethnic background imaginable, which is amazing. As much as I love Vermont, the one huge thing the state has going against it is that more or less almost completely made up of white people, with the possible exception of Burlington. The train ride down was lovely all mountainy and lush: other highlights include being introduced to some awfully trashy, yet horribly addictive films and TV shows, walking Yale's cemetery and seeing the new forestry building (amazing!!!) and Eero Saarinen designed ice rink. Oh and we walked EVERYWHERE!!! I didn't realize how much I missed walking, but I do.

ooh and I bought some fabric and a fun antique store and my roomie has a sewing machine that I can use- so I'm back in the sewing game. I have visions of a few sewn soft cover books and a skirt featuring the lining from an old leather jacket, a translucent material with maps all over it.

I'm pretty exhausted: it really is quite a bit of traveling to get there and back, and perhaps the weekend involved a few too many vices, and a tad too much fun: fabulously needed though. Got back late last night and cooked breakfast this Morning. Somehow on 5 hours of sleep I managed to pull of sweet onion and red pepper scrambled egg and cheese sandwiches and a fruit salad. I even prepped myself and made tomorrow's breakfast: blueberry sourdough crumb cake and roasted root veggies with Moroccan spices. yum!

ooh, also exciting- I came home to a package from my fabulous cousin Kate full of Indian spices and recipes. So excited to make them this week.

Tomorrow- back on the gardening and researching band wagon.

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  1. I am so glad you came! I highly recommend taking a nap if you can get one in. I was like a zombie yesterday, but I took a two hour nap today and feel like a new Maddie.