Monday, February 1, 2010

what's better than on tap beer?

on tap kombucha! I got out of the school on Sat and frolicked to nearby cities for a seed swap, and for fun . I decided to treat myself at the hunger mountain co-op in Montpelier and grabbed a bottle of Kombucha- I wander around the store then towards the ext found on tap locally brewed komucha in two flavors!!! check out the website- some of the most beautiful graphics and layout I have ever seen on a website. woah!
I also found locally made- soymilk and tofu, tempeh and more varieties of (especially goat) cheese than my little heart could ever possibly begin to try.

ah, fermentation! I finally bought my own copy of Wild fermentation by Sandor Katz.
for years I had photocopied pages, now covered in goo that I referenced religiously. Katz's publisher is in Vermont and he was here not too long ago doing a fermentation demonstration.
Last night I volunteered at the SOUPer bowl- a magical local food event, held at the Round Barn Farm. I was in food heaven, everyone brought their own bowl and twelve or so local restaraunts were there with soup made largely of local ingredients. Other tasty highlights included: maple raw milk milkshakes, local espresso gelato, goat cheese, apple cider, raw cheddar, butter, Red han and Mangies bread, and (wait for it, wait for it) kimchi made by Sandor was good, tasted like kimchi, but just the fact of knowing it was made by the master fermentation guru- I was so excited! Top the evening off with a bluegrass band, and apple cider-maple-"local-tini's" and it was the best sunday night I've spent in a round barn ever.

Thanks for all of the love after that sad, mopey, post I made yesterday. I have much perspective and confidence that the situation will improve, but needs a lot of patience, love, and slowly, it's getting much much better.

Final thought of the day: if you have never seen earth girls are easy, the 80's alien musical featuring geena Davis and Jim Carey, it's hysterical...a lovely way to spend an afternoon making lil' DIY planter pots to get my seeds started in.

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