Wednesday, February 3, 2010

drawing warmth out of the cold

breakfast this morning...
toasted amaranth, barley and steel cut oats hot cereal- soaked overnight and cooked with raisins, dates, cinnamon, salt, tiny bit of sugar. I'd never cooked with amaranth before but it turned out pretty well- I really like how nutty it is.

we successfully turned the first compost bin in to the second (we were overflowing!) and have started brain storming ideas for additional compost bins as we are filling them up soo fast... we are tossing around the idea of penned in areas on top of the herb garden so the chickens can get in to them and help compost/ eat well...

evening party in our little cabin. It got a beautiful clean and new arrangement from lovely interns and everyone was around tonight playing guitar/ working on art projects/ catching up with people telephonically/ hanging art around the house....and blasting some Stevie wonder.. It feels nice to really be living in our living space...

Lylee's movie update (yes, we watch a lot of them...vaguely reminiscent of a certain year of volunteering...) chris rock's movie good hair is fascinating.

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