Sunday, February 7, 2010

we are men, men in skirts long skirts

So, when I last wrote, it was already an amazing day.

The rest of class was fantastic, we made a few clay based paints and started painting walls in the studio- Erin and I painted a wall bright(ish) red... had an amazing dinner of friend eggplant (or fish) with sweet potato fries, green beans and carrot cake for dessert- all in hour of Serena's birthday. Then, we actually made in to Mont P for contra dancing!!!! I say this with such excitement because we really kind of are in this black whole vortex where it is difficult to assemble ourselves to leave a lot of the time. This time though, we made it out- contra dancing in Vermont is one of those things that gives me faith in humanity. Outside of town, up a gravel road in the community hall lies a building with wooden floors and signs directing you downstairs to take off your shoes, and change in to dance shoes and clothes. These folk are serious about their dancing- with good reason.
My conservative guess is that there were around 150 people ranging from age 3-86, people who were sober to a few who had had a few to drink, and most of all, men in skirts. At least 20 men had on long flow-y skirts, there were thin muslin tiered skirts...and brightly colored polka dotted skirts. Tight off white skirts with embroidered flowers, dark black skirts with white underneath... and these were just the men.

The intense nature of contra dancing is fascinating- there is so much direct eye contact, that it could make even the toughest Minnesotan fall in to a Lutheran "lake wobegon" stereotype and blush. And the spinning! holy dizzy pants. The best part though- meeting strangers, asking people to dance, getting asked to dance- everyone so friendly, and very few of the dirty old men elk. I know, you're thinking "oh it's the off the beaten path hippie folk" but really, it was a good cross section of folk- really it was just so Vermont. It was exactly how Vermont is. And let be known.... I love Vermont.

icing on the cake.... getting back to school and catching the end of an episode of Glee, followed by a convo about the psychology of the show. love it.


  1. We have skirt wearing contra dancing men in Lansing too!! Although, probably not the ratio that you described. It sounds like you are really in an amazing place and that you really do love it! I'm so happy for you. Miss you, friend!

  2. If any of you come to Texas, especially Dallas Fort Worth, be advised that the local contra dance organization is certainly not in favor of having any man come in a skirt. Yes, this is the most backward state in the union. I still have what they told me in my inbox!