Wednesday, February 10, 2010

to garden to garden

highlights from the day- really started to figure out a garden plan- feel like I should have started this a bit earlier, but I've embraced that now.
went to a lecture tonight put on by the mad river valley locavores about The Center for an Agricultural Economy in Hardwick, VT. I'm too exhausted to really explain it well, but basically they wanted to rethink Hardwick as the Agricultural center of Vermont and all the farmers and small business decided to work together to do this vs. seeing each other as competition.
check out the really great video on them by Dan Rather
most importantly though I met a board member for Yestermorrow, and the couple that is farming down the road at another really cool project where they are farming Vermont Land Trust land and working with the local food bank to farm for them.
so much is happening...

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  1. if the person you met farming vt land trust land down the road is aaron locker, that's the guy i was telling you about who will make the beds for you in the spring; he's the one that did the tilling. :)