Saturday, February 27, 2010

more snow, more photos

Same old beautiful. Vermont is covered in snow in a way that makes even the most cynical person stop and stare in awe. The snow is wet and heavy, coating the trees; but it's warm here so it's both coating and melting. We have mountains of snow with shoveled paths going to the chicken coop, compost pile, as I look out the window I'll occasionally see just the combs, or a few dark feathers of chickens bobbing around. Pretty funny. Yesterday I took the morning off and went in to town, fabulous to just sit and read the New York times art sections and sip tea. Town is about 4 miles north of where I am. I decided to take our public transit to get back to school, an interesting proposition. The mad bus is totally free, but only goes in 1 direction, once an hour and exists only during the winter to cater to the ski folk. To get back to school I had to go on the rest of the bus's round and do a loop in order to get back south to YM. It was a 40 min. ride, but beautiful, up along the ridges, to Mt. Ellen, to sugar bush, down the access road, under the covered bridge and back home. It's just so odd, and sad to me that the public transit exists only for a population that is here a 1/4 of the year...

Last night we cooked Eggplant Parmesan, a big salad, garlic bread and a mango, blueberry, orange Tiramiu ish lady finger dessert. rave reviews.

Dessert from a few nights ago, the pears poached in ginger, cinnamon and apple cider with a chocolate Cayenne sauce- photo for you!

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