Saturday, February 6, 2010

paint it the color of starfish love

yesterday was a long Friday to be sure. It was a day of cramps and headaches and generally feeling crappy- I cooked breakfast, and Heidi came in and helped me with lunch. Afternoon research and office like work followed by late afternooon nap -formal Friday dinner (switched from Monday because the alliteration flowed better) and ending with all the interns hanging out in our house with a few beers, stories, guitars and even some violin and harmonica.
Today is the natural paints and finishes class and it is so much fun! It feels so nice to be painting again- even just painting swatches of color to see how the different materials respond to different surfaces.... I could go on and on about pigments and lime and plaster...but I'll spare you and write more about the class tonight or tomorrow and include fabulous photos and links and such.
tonight: perhaps contra dancing in Mont. P (although, it's generally hard for us to find our way off of the yestermorrow campus...)

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