Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"and they say the truth will set you free but then so will a lie- it depends if you're trying to get to the promised land or just trying to get by."

an interesting thought to contemplate.. It makes a lot of sense in the terms of- when is it worth your while to actually tell the truth and make yourself available vs. when is it a better idea just to say ok and nod your head and move on (which is kind of a lie, or maybe just not full disclosure?)...
today was a day of zero cooking and two meetings.
on an exciting note the class this weekend was Urban Regeneration- a class co taught by Scott Kellogg literally the one who wrote the book on sustainable city living from a DIY perspective.
As a result we now have three packages of inoculated mushrooms that will be ready for eating in a few months, and a beautiful blue Rubbermaid container full of worms! for worm composting. On top of that I was given a sourdough starter yesterday, and hopefully soon a kombucha mother.... Now our kitchen/ house will be a mushroomy/ wormy/ fermenting machine!
This afternoon I had the time travel experience of taking redeemable bottles and cans to be turned in to money.. This involved driving them to a ramshackel of a building just outside of town where a sweet woman took our bottles, hand sorted them, and gave us cash for them (based on the generally 5 cent redeemable rate). I've never lived in a state that has a bottle deposit before, pretty interesting...

Kitchen meeting went well. We have some new systems in place, and new ideas for recipes, etc. Overall, everything is looking uppish.
tonight- honing the shuffleboard skills.
this weekend- taking my first class- Natural Paints and excited!!!


  1. We have a 10 cent bottle deposit in MI. Basically any store that sells the bottle that you want to return has to take it back. All of the big grocery stores have sorting stations where people put in their bottles and then they get a printout with a credit - that you can use at the store or that you can turn in for cash.

  2. woah! caro, that is such a cool system... it makes so much sense