Thursday, February 18, 2010

muffin, muffin, drawing

Today I was really anxious to do some baking, so I threw together some muffins for breakfast tomorrow. I used the fabulous "sunny blueberry cornmeal muffins" from vegan with a Vengeance, with a twist though. We had all this left over grapefruit cut up, so my liquid was pureed grapefruit, I subbed mimicream for the yogurt, and used frozen blackberries and blackberry jam in place of blueberries. Threw in some flax, and they turned out pretty well. A tad on the crumbly side, and next time I'd use bigger muffin tins- I made a x3 batch though, and it multiplied pretty well.

cleaned all the chicken shit out of the co-op so our little flock has fresh straw and sawdust- yum!
last night I finished this little sketch book, with trees on the cover and the lyrics to "red river valley" which is constantly in my head these days. The first piece of art I started when I got here.

Tomorrow I'm off to the big city for an adventure, so I'll update ya'll on Monday.

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