Thursday, February 11, 2010

garden, garden, garden

I now feel like i am treading plant planning instead of drowning in it, and that's pretty exciting . spent the day going over last years garden plans, starting to figure out how to formulate my own talking with awesome folk here about it- and going out to the actual garden,seeing where the garlic is planted and going from there. Some intense math is involved though like if i have x amount of space should i figure out bed size, what i want to grow, and from their plan how many seeds to buy? how much can i start at the school and what should i buy as seedlings... etc. so many questions, but i am slowly chipping away at them.
busy day tomorrow, cooking (making, rather) sushi for dinner, and going to the NOFA conference all weekend.

now- off to a meeting about a possible hole in our floor. (also known as an indoor way to connect upstairs and down, currently their is none)


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